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Orthotics By Lifestyle

Everyday Activity

Everyday Active Best Foot Orthotics are perfect for versatile day-to-day comfort, providing support for your feet that prevents them from aching and helps to avoid long-term damage. The orthotics are customized to fit the shoes you choose, so you can enjoy pain-free comfort while looking stylish too! (Ideal for those on their feet 1-4 hours a day)

Everyday On My Feet

Do you spend your days on your feet? Are you constantly dealing with foot pain? If so, then you need to try ‘Everyday On My Feet’ by Best Foot Orthotics. These orthotics are designed to give your feet the support they need, and by wearing them daily, you can relieve your foot pain by customizing it to your foot. These orthotics are tailored to your pain points based on molds sent to your door step, made with durable materials that give you the perfect amount of support for all day wear.

Orthotics for Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots come with enough challenges but using a custom orthotic should not be one. Here at Best Foot Orthotics we have designed an insole that fits perfectly into cowboy boots that will not take up space or move around. We'll send you a impression box directly, and with our cutting edge technology will create custom orthotics designed for your specific needs.

Orthotics for Heels

Custom orthotics are now available for those who love to wear heels, but need some extra support. We will send you our impression box and based on your desired heel height we can make a set of custom-made insoles just right for high arches like yours!

We Understand Patients Needs

Working closely with Chiropractors & Podiatrist across the USA

Our Foot Scan Technology Allows For

Orthotics Made Same Day

Because we receive your orthotics once you scan your patients feet in clinic we are able to start customizing your patients foot orthotics the same day.

Not only does this decrease the shipping time frame but allows for your clients to start getting relief faster. Our partners on average receive patients custom foot orthotics in 7 days from when the scans are received.


What Our Clients Say

"Performance Orthotics offers excellent custom foot orthotics with high-quality materials and precision. The online ordering process is easy and convenient, with quick turnaround time. Highly recommended."

Kate Moriss


"As a sports medicine doctor, I was impressed with the quality of Performance Orthotics custom foot orthotics. The customer service is top-notch, and the results with patients have been excellent. Simple and efficient ordering process. Highly recommended."

John Nickelson

Baker Sports Medicine

Providing Custom Foot Orthotics to Chiropractors and Podiatrist Across the USA.



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