Meet the President

Kevin Gainer, a licensed Pedorthist, oversees the production and creation of all Performance Orthotics Lab orthotics. He works meticulously to make sure each practitioner he partners with receives professional understanding and quality products. In over 25 years he has made tens of thousands custom shoes, boots, and orthotics for doctors all across the United States.

Professionals continue to choose him for his hands on expertise and attention to detail. Mr. Gainer always takes the time to carefully analyze each aspect of the clients information to be sure the finished product produced through the advanced lab he has built fulfills and exceeds both you and your clients needs.

Mr. Gainer will properly assist you in every sort of way that would be expected from a professional in his field and is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Kevin Gainer, C. PED


Let’s Talk

Feel free to contact Mr. Gainer with any questions or concerns. Thank you!