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Kevin Gainer C.PED

Kevin Gainer, a licensed Pedorthist, oversees the production and creation of all at Performance Orthotics. He works meticulously to make sure each practitioner he partners with receives professional understanding and quality products. In over 25 years he has made tens of thousands custom shoes, boots, and orthotics for doctors all across the United States.

Professionals continue to choose him for his hands on expertise and attention to detail. Mr. Gainer always takes the time to carefully analyze each aspect of the clients information to be sure the finished product produced through the advanced lab he has built fulfills and exceeds both you and your clients needs.

Please feel free to reach out to our team directly if you have any special custom needs, we are happy to help.


Our mission is to help people live without pain by providing them with the best foot orthotics possible. We strive to create custom foot orthotics that eliminate pain and improve our clients' quality of life. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and support, so that our clients can get back to doing what they love.


Our vision is to provide the best possible foot orthotics to our clients, in order to eliminate their foot pain. We aim to achieve this by manufacturing and designing custom foot orthotics based on detailed foot scans. With 20+ years of experience in crafting foot orthotics with practitioners, you can be sure that you are getting the best orthotic possible.


From stone hinge molds to now todays cutting edge CNC technology we are constantly pivoting to ensure our customers have precise custom foot orthotics that medical professionals love and customers can't live without.

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Offer Custom Foot Orthotics

By offering our custom foot orthotics our practitioners have found that their patients come back happier on routine check ins and are able to modify the orthotics over time to ensure patients are able to continue to get foot pain relief.


What Our Clients Say

"Performance Orthotics offers excellent custom foot orthotics with high-quality materials and precision. The online ordering process is easy and convenient, with quick turnaround time. Highly recommended."

Kate Moriss


"As a sports medicine doctor, I was impressed with the quality of Performance Orthotics custom foot orthotics. The customer service is top-notch, and the results with patients have been excellent. Simple and efficient ordering process. Highly recommended."

John Nickelson

Baker Sports Medicine

Providing Custom Foot Orthotics to Chiropractors and Podiatrist Across the USA.



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